“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”


*shrug* That’s what you get.

On an average day, I don’t punch people. I left fighting behind in my youth (for the most part). Yet the art of face-punching has continued without me. Nazi talking head Richard Spencer was its most visible target last Friday, shortly after the presidential inauguration. There has been a huge outcry against whether or not punching people who don’t agree with you is “okay.”

My brain fizzles at this gross oversimplification. Richard Spencer isn’t choosing between East Coast-West Coast rap. He’s a Nazi who passive aggressively wants to “nonviolently” put white people on top. Because they’re white. That’s a problem for everyone who isn’t: 1) white; or 2) an absolute nimrod. This will not affect mere opinion, but also policy (foreign and domestic), housing availability, and employment opportunities, for starters.

The pearl clutchers who wonder when punching dissenters in the face became okay have clearly not watched the news. Ever. These hypocrites who espouse nonviolent protests completely ignore the violence these protesters must endure. Our history books are littered with pictures of dogs and hoses. Our social media is filled with images of rubber bullet wounds and people being treated for tear gas exposure. Violence from a state level against conflicting views is as American as land-grabbing.

Not everyone is interested in playing nice and calmly persuading bigots. Spencer’s supposed nonviolent path to supremacy is farce. His platform implicates violence. Subjugated people will always fight back and the response of people in power has always been force. Spencer is selling a lie. Liars are the second favorite group I enjoy seeing get punched in the face.

And let’s face it, that little gel coiffed stain didn’t even get hit that hard. He could have been punched a lot harder. He deserves to be punched a lot harder. Did the punch  seen round the internet accomplish anything? No it didn’t. But I watched it for the reason I eat raspberry sorbet: it left a good taste in my mouth.

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